I think it is safe to use Firestorm again

I took a series of steps that seems to have cleared out the old Vivox Voice information.
If you continue to have problems, try clearing your viewer cache. And please let Hyacinth know if there are still issues.
Sorry this server move was such a rough ride for everyone.

Cool place of the week

Thank you!

I wish to thank everyone who donated and helped out with our server bill this month. It is difficult to express how thankful I am to have this grid, and this family. <3

New social media site coming soon!

Freindica is an open source, social media network that has grown to 3 MILLION registered users!

We are creating a website open to all in the OpenSim community. It will incorporate our YouTube-like video sharing, and Hypergrid search. As well as helpful forums and resources.

It also has an EASY in-world HUD that allows you to drag and drop pictures and landmarks to share to the web, and works anywhere on the Hypergrid! :)

The website will be open to all by the end of December. But if you would like to be an early-bird and help us test and develop, we would LOVE to have you aboard! Please send Hyacinth Jewell a message for details!

This will be a very popular, and powerful website for the OpenSim community. It will help us fill the void left by Google+ closing... and has the potential to bring us LOTS of new residents and people who are new to OpenSim! :)