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✿Safar Fiertze
Testers Wanted!

Testers Wanted! : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~TESTERS WANTED!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The official Oneiros opening is going to be September 12th and I could use a couple of guinea pigs to read instructions at 25 points around the sim and follow them. It should take 20 mins of time to... [more]

✿hicks adder
market place.

hey every one market place is onlie !! : share every thing you want ( humm everything ?? ....) on our parket place !! i have just shared mi first object ... thank you hyacinth !!

✿hicks adder

forgeron blacksmith : hello! en attendant de retrouver l'inspiration pour le kit gothique je bricole quelques éléments pour forgeron . Hello! waiting to find inspiration for the gothic kit I tinker some elements for blacksmith

✿Han Held
OMG Hicks!

Schooled and loving it : I had a great talk with Hicks a couple of days ago -and he explained to me a way (*the way*? I don't know) to get around the bounding box problem. The bounding box problem is where you have an enclosed mesh and the bounding box makes it effectively solid.... [more]

✿Kenzie McNugget
Yes, we have money...

You may have noticed... : Many of you may have noticed a money balance at the top of the screen. Please do not worry! We have not gone evil and commercial! We have set up a fun money system. All residents start at $20,000 LuvBucks :) This money is to help new residents to ... [more]

✿Hyacinth Jewell
When HG News Breaks, We Fix It!

Awesome New OpenSim News Website in the Works! : We are working on a fun new website with news and reviews for locations and events around the hypergrid. I found a funny Wordpress theme that looks like CNN or Fox News, so I went with the theme. This is a goofy project at this point. Don't take it too ... [more]

✿Lord Rai
Put to Work

First Phase Testing of Oneiros : This week I was put to work. Oneiros: Once upon a Time... is a sim with a difference. You are guided through a story, one chapter at a time, through a magical world, either on foot, by boat or through a magical portal (in other words teleport). I... [more]

✿Han Held
Neuanzere Progress Report 21 July 2019

Neuanzere Progress Report 21 July 2019 : Mad props to Hyacinth for both her expertise AND her patience with sharing it. :) On Mewe someone shared the url to a Medieval City Map generator (which RL bestie had shown me, but I'd forgotten :( ) [more]

✿Kenzie McNugget
How to Create a Blog Post

Creating a blog post from inventory : HGluv residents can now create blog posts for our website and web search page! This is a great way to advertize events, things you have created, offer helpful tips to other residents, etc.. :) Open your inventory. Create a folder named "My Blog Posts... [more]

✿Barbarella Bombshell
This is Barbarella's First Post

Yay! A pic of me in my new house : This is my little place at YippieSkippy. An adult region with free land for residents. Come be my neighbor! :)

✿Hyacinth Jewell
Effervescent Eden

An Ancient Hangout : This is a beautiful, peaceful place to explore and hang out with friends. Every time I visit and explore. I find something new! :) This region is available for adoption by an HgLuv resident, who would like to commit to taking care of, and improving it. ... [more]

✿Hyacinth Jewell
Ruth RC#3 Available! Awesome HUD, Bakes on Mesh, and more!

Ruth RC3 and Super HUD Now available! : The long awaited Ruth RC3 body is available in Luv Plaza! We also have an experimental "Bakes on Mesh" station at the Ruth Dev Pavillion located behind the new shops. :) This copies your old-style system avatar appearance to your Ruth avatar.

✿Hyacinth Jewell
Awesome New Server!

NEW SERVER!!!!!!!! :) : Thanks to some VERY generous sponsors, we have a brand new, dedicated sever that is all our own. 40 CPU cores, 256gb of RAM and 5TB of storage. Please bear with us this week as we move all the regions over to the new server. You may experience som... [more]